Senior UX Specialist - DNA

December 2016 - Present

Leading projects for DNA across a range of public and private sector clients. Planning and executing field work, subsequent research synthesis, and delivery of relevant artifacts. Using research-based data to create innovative experiences. Contributing to the scoping, planning, and execution of projects. Championing quality and craftsmanship in all things. Helping to shape, build, and enhance team culture. Representing DNA's culture and integrity in client relationships, conferences, and other external activities.

Owner & Artist - Buttonpresser Studios

August 2005 to Present

Building interactive installation pieces for clients and collectors worldwide. Working mainly with Rubik's Cube as their ad-hoc "Artist of Record" since 2010. Sales and logistics for executing creative projects on site and remotely. Public speaking and performance work. Visit for a peek.

  • World's predominant Rubik's Cube mosaic artist
  • Creating installations in foreign locations
  • In-person and crowd-interactive work
  • Working to promot community through pro-bono and mentorship
  • Technical video and photography

Senior UX Designer - Atlassian

March 2014 - April 2015

Built delightful user experiences in the marketplace and purchasing teams. Shaped design process for both small teams and larger design body.

  • 180% increase in 3rd-party developer pay-outs
  • Constructed system for tracking research users company wide
  • Conducted in-person interviews, focus groups, user surveys, and sentiment charting sessions
  • Slashed design overhead and process to fit into one-week sprints
  • Empowered devs and PMs to use design concepts and tools
  • Public speaking engagements in Berlin & Sydney

Prototype Designer - Granicus

June 2012 to January 2014

Lead designer for the CTO and CivicIdeas teams focused on young, experimental, expansion projects. Overhauled products using frameworks and agile methodologies.

  • Brought industry-changing product from napkin sketch to beta launch
  • Pioneered company’s user research process and conducted deep research
  • Helped highlight new verticals through research and analytics
  • Completely rebuilt application using custom front-end framework

Fellow - Code for America

January 2011 to November 2011

Worked with federal and city government agencies to develop new ways to encourage online community engagement. Helped establish organization into thriving entity it is today.

  • Received bespoke training from industry leaders
  • Collaborated with staff to produce branding assets and technical writing for organization
  • Developed script for and conducted over 100 in-person research interviews
  • Organized and ran multiple tech sector events in Philadelphia and San Francisco
  • Launched Philadelphia’s first public transit app,
  • Helped build veteran job search app with Whitehouse + DoVA

Graphic Design/Online Communications - The Salvation Army

August 2009 to December 2010

Produced CMS-driven websites and social media profiles for 30+ locations. Co-founded the young-adult advisory board. Created “Bell Ringer’s Blend” coffee fundraiser with $200k raised. Helped raise over $40m for Kroc Community Center.

Contract Designer/Front-end Developer - Mobil Travel Guide

September 2008 to February 2009

Spawned a wide array of static, online content by working closely with copywriters and strategists. Created a multi-author WordPress blog. Introduced and implemented SEO best-practices to improve traffic over 1000%. Created a micro-site for luxury rating system.

Design Integration - Spout

August 2007 to August 2008

Generated rich-content emails and newsletters for audience of 1.2 million people. Responsible for 400% increase site traffic using SEO best-practices. Conceived of the web’s first online scavenger hunt garnering two million page views over a single weekend.

Intern - Hanon-McKendry

January 2005 to May 2005

Helped create a searchable library of projects for IT department. Provided creative and technical input on web-based projects. Fetched gallons of coffee.

Ben Woskow - Marketplace Dev Lead


Pete was the designer for Atlasisian's Marketplace and Purchasing teams. He designed several attractive screens and intuitive interactions for Marketplace vendors and customers. He improved our team's efficiency by introducing us to JSFiddle which enhanced the process of realizing and implementing his designs. Overall he was a good source of positive morale and energy on our team. Outside of work, his Rubik's Cube art is one of the coolest and most interesting hobbies I know of. Pete is an all around great guy and any team would be lucky to have him.

Dan Melton - Chief Tech Officer

Code for America

I had the privilege of working with Pete on a number of different projects at Code for America. He's one of our front-end CSS and HTML ninjas. Pete is the goto guy for just about any design, CSS or HTML trick. He's also an artist and brings color, depth and design to his work. Beyond his work, Pete's sense of humor, love for civic engagement, and get-it-done attitude make him a pleasure to work with on projects.

Joshua Kell - VP Online

Mobil Travel Guide

Pete was a welcome addition to our team, as he possesses a wide range of skills and interests, including but not limited to web and print design, blog development and implementation, and any type of front-end coding. He was equally adept at all of these and frequently called upon to wear multiple hats at once, and deliver on all under some extremely tight deadlines. He really knows WordPress inside and out and it is a major strength of his to date. He is creative enough to find quick solutions to obstacles he encounters and obviously enjoys staying on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. With the groundswell in blog publishing and current trends in online media, Pete would make a great addition to any team looking for a designer/developer with a robust and relevant skill set.

Sarah Butler - Marketing Director

Consulted Client

Pete has a positive attitude and can-do spirit. He has a tenacity and desire to accomplish whatever task is set before him. During the time we worked together, Pete's skill as a designer continually improved even though a design mentor was not available to him. This ongoing growth demonstrates his natural ability for design and his genuine love for the medium. I would recommend Pete as a part of any web design team.

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