20 January 2019


The music of Nirvana was a big influence my young adulthood. The passion and message's of anti-consumerism, cutting your own path and being/excepting yourself resounded with me then and still does today.

I had a set of custom speedcubes sent to me so that I could try out a new color method; a high-dither, full color (HDFC) image using these altered cubes. While I still enjoy and mostly prefer my standard luminocity/analogous (LA) method, This new color method can come in handy in certain situations, specifically when a client needs a color-dependent image to be recreated.

This new HDFC method is something I've been planning to experiment with for a few years now and I'm very glad I did. The final mosaic captures all the colors of the original photo and remain surprizingly crisp despite it's smaller, 900 cube size. The original image I used to create this mosaic is shown on the bottom left of the screen.