Seattle Genetics

5 December 2016


Access TCA, a company that designs and builds trade show displays contacted Buttonpresser Studios for a special commission. Their client Seattle Genetics was interested in having us build a mosaic for the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

I was tasked with building the mosaic as a live performance over the course of the three day convention. The mosaic and my task of building it would be the centerpiece of their booth. The mosaic would require 2160 cubes so some of the mosaic would be build during the booth installation, prior to the opening of the convention. I had a total of 4 1/2 days to complete the mosaic.

Part of my role as live performance artist was to address the crowd (20,000+ attendees) about my process for building a mosaic, show them the "magic" process to solve a cube, and help them solve the "cross".

A major bonus, and a selling point for my involvement, was that Seattle Genetics wanted to donate cubes to the San Diego Boys & Girls Club. In addition, for every checkerboard pattern attendees were able to solve, they would donate $250 to the ASH foundation.