3 September 2013


This is currently the largest mosaic in my portfolio at 5,618 cubes. This was a very special and technical build for a Science Center in New Jersey. It depicts the inventor of the Rubik's Cube, Mr. Erno Rubik.

The piece was created over the course of two weeks in Buttonpresser Studios. We were tasked with filming a 4K-quality timelapse video of the construction of the mosaic. We blacked out the windows and set up studio lighting so that I could work around the clock and avoid fluxuations in lighting because of daylight coming in the windows. I even wore the same clothes so that it appears as one continuous shot.

A DSLR camera was fixed to a 12' camera jib and pointed down, directly into the center of the mosaic. We used a wide-angle lense to capture the whole mosaic in the frame.

Because the camera was capturing RAW images every 5 seconds, we hard-wired the camera to bypass the SD card and dump images directly onto a 3 terabyte hard drive. The final shots were so large that we couldn't open the hard drive using a conventional computer. The hard drive was sent to a post-production team that "flattened" the lens warp and created the final video.

The final video is projected onto the floor of a traveling exhibit in a 1:1 scale, the same size as the actual mosaic at 20' x 10'.